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PocketPoster is a .Net 2.0 Compact Framework client for LiveJournal, written in VB.Net (converting to C# in 2.0!) for SmartPhone 2003 and newer as well as PocketPC 2003 and newer. Please select the version below you would like to download. Note: Most phones run Windows Mobile SmartPhone Edition, in which case you need the SmartPhone Edition of PocketPoster. If you have a touch screen that works, then you can use the standard (PDA) version.

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Download the standard edition (touchscreen required) to your device now! (version 1.07)

Download the SmartPhone Edition now! (version 1.06). Note: you'll need to transfer this to your phone by using either a cradle / cable, or removeable storage like a MicroSD™ card or something similar - Pocket IE blocks downloading executables directly to the phone.